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Very Cat Sound was launched by a first-class honours student from Silpakorn University, Bkk Thailand. Then, it grew up and become a company today. We aim to do the thing that we love and use it to improve society by raising up the Thai music standard to reach the same level with the international standard.

Today, we have a team with 10+ years of experience, who has been a driving force behind the Thai music and media industry. We provide a strong supporting team, who are ready to serve you and understand all your needs.


It started from the pure love of music by only one man (Krissaka  “Mont” Tankritwong , AKA CRiSCA). I was the one who didn’t graduate from the faculty that could have weaved my dream, but with the strong passion, plus the support from the people around me, they encouraged me to change my career path and dedicate my life to do what I love. Then, I got another college degree in music, and finally, I could create the world that I had imagined.

Very Cat Sound is what I’ve always dreamed of. I’m sincere with what I love, like the name that clearly reflects myself as a cat person. Love doesn’t need a reason, neither does the name. When I turned my life around and dedicated myself to study music, so I could create it however I wanted it to be, I realized that music could be more than a hobby, music is as important as visual media. I believed that I could make my dream come true someday. I wanted to establish a company that presents what I am passionate about, make it survive in this country, and let my work help better the society too.

As years go by, I adventured through the world of creating music. There were ups and downs along the way. Everyone knows how hard of a music career in our country, and some were so hard that I almost couldn’t make it. Until 2014, I went to Japan and saw many things that hit me so hard. There was a place that I will never forget – Harajuku Bridge.



A place where the dream never stops.

I saw many artists who never gave up on chasing their own dream there. I also learnt that there are no limit in music genres. Some of them were a group of male idols, K-Pop style. They saved up money to make music on their own, then came to the bridge and danced enthusiastically to promote themselves at Harajuku Bridge and other places in Tokyo. It became one little thing that impressed me a lot because I had never seen such thing in Thailand. Busking, or even playing music in a restaurant in Thailand doesn’t seem to be a place where artists can present their own original songs, which is very different from what happened in Japan.

What I saw in Japan was; every store relied on branding. A store’s own theme song was played in every store I went to. Each store had the sound that had been designed especially for them. The playlist in every shop was thoroughly selected to create a vibe that fit the branding of the shop. It proved that arts became a crucial part  of the way of living, pop culture, and lifestyle of Japanese people. I can’t tell you if when Thailand will ever be able to catch up with them.

After I came back to Thailand from that trip, I discovered my new life goal as I realized it was too soon to give up. This is my mission in life. I was born to support what I am passionate about and make it grow sustainably in where I live.

I love cats, Japan,  and music. I want to improve society in my own way by doing what I can do best. If I can’t change the world around me, so let me create my own little world by myself.

Thank you for your reading.

(CRiSCA, the founder of Very Cat Sound)

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